Family Association

The Gourdin-Gourdine Family Reunion is held bi-annually across the United States. The city, state and chairperson of each reunion is determined at the preceding reunion. Our bylaws require that each third (3rd) reunion be held at a location within the state of South Carolina (SC). A key objective of these reunions is to promote family unity and continuing fellowship of all the Gourdin-Gourdine families, to include all variant spelling of the surnames Gourdin or Gourdine and extended families. The reunion has continuously grown since its inception in 1989.

The first Gourdin-Gourdine Family Reunion (1989) was held in Richmond, VA, with approximately seventy-five family members in attendance.

The second family reunion (1991) was held in Buffalo, NY. Approximately one-hundred and twenty-five family members united or reunited for fun and fellowship.

The third family reunion (1993) was held in Baltimore, MD where it grew even larger with more than two-hundred family members gathering for a great time of discovering and making history.

The fourth family reunion (1995) was held at the Landmark Resort Hotel in Myrtle Beach, SC. This one was the best yet, where more than three-hundred family members returned home for a delightful and memorable experience.

The fifth family reunion (1997) was held in Virginia Beach, VA. The attendance continued to expand and included family members from 16 states.

The sixth family reunion (1999) was held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, GA, during July 29 - August 1, 1999. It was a wonderful and glorious time of renewing acquaintances and kindling new ones. The reunion was very well attended and thanks to the Atlanta reunion committee our visit to Georgia was a very rewarding experience.

The seventh family reunion (2001) was held at the Sheraton Hotel (Convention Center) in North Charleston, SC, during August 2-5, 2001. "Back to our Roots" was the sub-theme of our 2001 family reunion. Continuing our growth and expansion while deepening our Family Unity.

The eighth family reunion (2003) was held in Jersey City, NJ, during the weekend of July 24-27, 2003. "Our northern family" hosted the reunion.

The ninth family reunion (2005) was held at the Holiday Inn (Inner Harbor) in Baltimore, MD, during the weekend of July 28-31, 2005. "Family Transcends Time"

The tenth family reunion (2007) was held at the Sheraton Hotel (Convention Center) in North Charleston, SC, during the weekend of July 27-30, 2007. "Reuniting Our Family and Recapturing Our Roots"

The eleventh family reunion (2009) was held at the Westin Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA, during the weekend of July 23-26, 2009. "Bringing us Back Together: From the Rivers to the Ocean"

The twelfth family reunion (2011) was held during a Caribbean Cruise from Miami, FL, to Cozumel Mexico, Key West, FL, and back to Miami, FL, aboard the Carnival cruise ship - Destinity, during the weekend of July 21-25, 2011. "From the Rivers to the Seas"

The thirteenth family reunion (2013) was held at the Westgate Resort & Spa and the Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC during the weekend of July 25-28, 2013. "From the Rivers to the Ocean"

The fourteenth family reunion (2015) is scheduled to be held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel & Resort during the weekend of July 23-26 2015, in Atlanta, GA."The Year of Family & Economic Empowerment"