A French-African-American Family from South Carolina,
(1830 - 1994)


This family book presents a brief history and genealogy of descendants of Dr. Robert Marion Gourdin, a French-American plantation owner, from Saint Stephen, (now) Berkeley County, and Daphne Singleton, his mulatto concubine, from Georgetown County. The book also includes genealogical sketchs of descendants of William Mackey Gourdine, from Pineville, and descendants of Sandy Gourdine, from Goose Creek - both in Berkeley County.

In addition to an exhaustive genealogical listing of descendants of each family branch and a general history of Oceda, this hardbound book (320 pages, 6" x 9") is illustrated with diagrams, maps and copies of historical documents. The extended Gourdin-Gourdine family includes more than 100 surnames - all with origins in South Carolina. The book is fully indexed with more than 2,700 names of family members from seventeen states; with the greatest concentration in states along the Atlantic Coast from Florida to New York. All of this is printed on archival paper, preserving this "family treasure" for many generations.

The compiler-editor, John Raymond Gourdin, is a native of Oceda, Georgetown County, SC, and a direct descendant of Dr. Robert Marion Gourdin. He is a retired Marine and also retired from the Northrop Grumman Corporation. Raymond - as he is better known by family members, resides with his wife, Gloria, in Florence, SC. They are the proud parents of two grown sons and three grandchildren.


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